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Ministar 2000mW

A: Pure diode rgb laser B: whole sealed case C: 100Khz Analog modulation D: Extreme compact case model D-7000G Red Green Blue 450nm 7w Scanner DT40 Modulation Analog 100Khz photo FAQ 1.Q: What is your product range? A: Moving Head Light, LE

1.Product Name: Ministar 2000mw

2.Wavelength: R: 637nm/500mWG: 520nm/120mWB: 450nm/1400mW ;

3.Scanner: 20Kpps

4.Divergence: 3mm/1.0mrad

5.Input Voltage: AC 110-240

6.Play Mode: ILDA

7.Dimension: 15*31*14cm

8.Net weight: 4.5kg

9.Application: Disco dance hall, bar, club, large celebration ceremony and performance, exposition etc

10.Warranty: 1year

11.100Khz Analog modulation

12.Back panel: ILDA, X/Y invert, laser power control, interlock, scanfail

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